In less than a year, Elpis has already made huge strides in our effort to aid refugees through sustainable Solar Hubs. From the Clinton Global Initiative to interviews with the BBC, we're just getting started.

  • Registration as a non-profit organisation.

  • First international expansion into refugee camps in Serbia.

  • A team of students from the University of Edinburgh visited more locations in Greece to install more Solar Hubs, pilot Raspberry Pis, and gather feedback.

  • Showcased at the Good Festival in Lausanne, Switzerland, winning the PremaGyan Good 100 Award. Learn more here.

  • Three other Solar Hubs were installed in other locations in Greece.

  • Our third Solar Hub was installed in the Ritsona camp in Greece. Previously, there was only one power socket available for over 800 residents.

  • In less than a month, Elpís raised over £4,000 through donations. Together, this means creating enough units to charge over 21,000 phones.

  • Our second Solar Hub was installed in the Malakasa refugee camp in Athens, Greece.

  • Our first unit was installed, providing free solar-powered electricity in the Kara Tepe camp in Lesvos! The camp manager immediately requested three more units, and even gave Alexandros a personal tour of the camp to specify the locations he has in mind. There were even discussions of turning the whole camp solar.

  • Accepted to the highly competitive Clinton Global Initiative University in Berkeley, California, Elpís co-founders Sam and Alexandros were named finalists by The Resolution Project.