GoodFestival 2016

Hi everyone,

Sam and Alex here! We are back from our trip to Lausanne, Switzerland participating in GoodFestival alongside hundreds of other innovative organisations. On Wednesday October 26, we took the train down to London for some meetings, and then early Thursday morning we arrived in beautiful Lausanne. Our two days at GoodFestival were filled with workshops, networking, practicing our pitch, and of course some sightseeing!

The event was hosted at the Olympic museum at Lausanne, where the Olympic motto "Faster, Higher, Stronger" is written. This quote reminded us that we wouldn’t be able to aim for higher goals and developments if it wasn’t for the deeper beliefs that guide our work. Our drive stems from our desire to give, instilling positive change and contributing in our own way -- even in the simplest way -- towards empowering people and reminding them that their needs are not neglected. Mottos like this help us stay grounded, committed, passionate, and focused on our work in the realm of humanitarian aid.

From the beginning, we wanted to make the most of this opportunity by getting insights and opinions from industry experts, social entrepreneurs, and the panel of judges, while testing the validity of our proposition.

In addition to adding a unique twist to our answers and our pitch structure, we learned that it is equally important to play by the book sometimes and tailor your presentation to the format that the judges are expecting. We received positive comments on our presentation which set out our sustainable development goals, scalability, impact, and financial viability.

We were honoured to win the GoodFestival PremaGyan Good100 Award on Friday, a perfect end to the trip. We are quickly learning that perseverance and purpose can lead to success! We are so proud that our efforts with Elpis are becoming recognised - it is truly a validating feeling that all our hard work is worthwhile. With our publicity growing and team expanding, we are hoping to make even more of an impact in Greece in the next few months!

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Another thank you to the GoodFestival coordinators and staff for an amazing event, and congratulations to the other organisations showcased! We look forward to seeing how you all change the world - sustainably. :)

Thanks for reading!

Sam, Alex, and the Elpis Team