Raspberry Pi + EUNAS Ball

Hey everyone! November was a very exciting time for all of us at Elpis. Two big updates: Raspberry Pi development and the EUNAS Charity Ball!

Raspberry Pi

We are proud to announce that our Raspberry Pi prototype is in its final stages of development and will soon be ready for installation. Here's a sneak peek at the preliminary interface:


The interface will be available in English, Arabic, and Farsi. Users will be able to view the content, download it, and leave feedback about what they like or would like to see more of. We hope that this information can have a big impact and that we can continue to improve it based on the changing needs of each community.

EUNAS Charity Ball

On November 26th we attended the Edinburgh University North American Society's annual Thanksgiving Charity Ball. Elpis was the selected charity, so proceeds from the event were donated to our cause!

Sam and Alex presenting about Elpis at the EUNAS ball

Sam and Alex presenting about Elpis at the EUNAS ball

This money will go directly to funding new Solar Hubs as well as an interdisciplinary trip to Greece during Innovative Learning Week in February 2017 for students to implement and assess technology in some of the camps. We are very grateful to EUNAS and the Edinburgh community for their support!

Here's some of the Elpis team all dolled up for a great evening and great cause.

Thanks for reading!